Jo and GorgeI love a good market, one with fruit and vegetables stacked high, plenty of action, and new flavours to try. Those flavours are my favourite souvenirs – recreating them at home magically transports me back to the moment I first tasted them.

A gulp of icy strawberry juice takes me to a streetside café in Myitkyina on a hot afternoon last year. A mouthful of fish-flavoured eggplant and rice reminds me of a tipsy evening in Chengdu at the start of a teenage backpacking trip.

From the wet market is a collection of meals and memories from my travels – kitchen table travel, rather than the armchair variety.

I’ve lived in Asia since 2006, in Beijing and latterly in Hong Kong where I now work as a (very hungry) tour guide and (market-obsessed) travel writer. I started off writing about food on my travel blog, Little Yak, but eventually decided that it was a bit schizophrenic to write about a remote corner of Sichuan one week and making your own chilli sauce the next. So I set up a new food-only website, and here it is, fresh from the wet market…

My recipes are mostly vegetarian or vegan, because that’s the way I enjoy eating and because we could all do with eating more vegetables, right? Each recipe is something that I’ve eaten and enjoyed somewhere in Asia, cooked using ingredients that I’ve bought in local shops and markets here in Hong Kong. If you’re new to the site, then start here to get your bearings.

Welcome, and enjoy!


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